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Video: Ashley Sage Ellison – Beach Bunny

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

When it comes to boobs and butt, Ashley Sage Ellison has it in abundance. She left the chilly weather of Manchester, England for the tropical Eden of St. Maarten and this video available on the DVD Ashley Sage Ellison’s First Time. In this poolside scene, Ashley Sage Ellison models the skimpiest bikinis that could be found, swimsuits that cannot contain her incredible dimensions (46 inches, 36J cups). Her amazing breastflesh stretches every top to the maximum allowable by law. “Guys are more interested in my tits than my bum. When I turned 15, my boobs started getting bigger. Then they got bigger and bigger and bigger. And that’s where I am now. I had to cover them up, hide them, when I was in school. I would get in trouble if I didn’t.” Well, school’s out! Ashley Sage Ellison hits the beach when the show is over and romps in the sand and surf of the island paradise.

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Video: London Andrews – Tits & Tugs

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

London Andrews did the whole she-bang in two Scoreland videos, one in Tits On Top and the second playing in Scoreland’s Voluptuous Theater but not yet recorded on DVD. Her third video is this point-of-view handjob and titty-fucking huddle with some lucky dude. London Andrews is fantastic at handwork and watching this video only makes us wish she’d done more while she was visiting our boob command center but, alas, London Andrews has returned to her glam, fetish and alternative modeling roots since these were made. So the fact ….. read more >>

London Andrews Video Sample

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Video: Karina Hart – SCORE Newcomer of the Year

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Congratulations to Karina Hart, voted SCORE Newcomer of the Year by website members and magazine readers. The voting for Karina Hart was similar to a tsunami wave rolling in, the only difference being it was expected. While there were worthy contenders, for sheer breast size and shape alone, Karina Hart dominated in 2008 just for those reasons. It didn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, has a beautiful body, always looks exhilarated and happy, smiling model and Karina delivers the goodies. The comments about Karina came ….. read more >>

Karina Hart Video Sample

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Video: Angel Gee – The Angel And The Bad Man

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Angel Gee is a lot hornier than the average girl. How can we tell you this? Because Angel told us so in an upcoming SCORE interview. We got that vibe from her immediately. Some chicks look naked fully dressed. Angel Gee is one of them. And because you’ll see for yourself in Angel’s very first hardcore video right now! Angel Gee admitted she doesn’t watch a lot of porn videos but she’s not hurting for personal inspiration. “I want to be the porn star in my bed!  Angel said. “I love to watch myself having sex. ….. read more >>

Angel Gee Video Sample

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Video: Daphne Rosen – Big Tit Glory Hole

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

When it comes to sexual heat, Daphne Rosen is one of the undisputed power-fuckers of the big-boobed community and she’s proud of her skills. Her presence jacks up the heat of the Big Tit Glory Hole by several hundred degrees. Appearing in a swirl of smoke and lights, Daphne Rosen looks like some futuristic space stripper, gyrating and shaking her tits to pounding scratch-music. Daphne Rosen could have easily taken on more cocks than the two in the holes in the wall. She holds her nipple close to one hole so a tongue ….. read more >>

Daphne Rosen Video Sample

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Video: Sabina Leigh in Bounce Baby Bounce!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Sabina Leigh enjoys a little one-on-one game of hoops now and then. The Voluptuous sexologist is good at dribbling and tossing balls. Her uniform is perfect: Tight shorts and a tight tank top over a bra. A girl’s got to keep those babies supported during an athletic competition, right? And we’re happy she chose it for this chapter of Bounce Baby Bounce! But the heat and humidity make Sabina Leigh pull off her top. Now we’re treated to the splendiferous sight of her breast-meat jiggling under her brassiere. ….. read more >>

Sabina Leigh Video Sample

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