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Luxury Amore: Luxurious

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Luxury Amore played a businessman’s afternoon playgirl in a SCORELAND video and was served a cream pie at SCOREVideos. She’s a feisty little 5′3″ number with G-sized bazookas and striking cheekbones that give her a cherubic, pixie-ish appearance. “I’m living out my fantasy,” says Luxury who can suck every drop of cum out of your nuts with a vacuum cleaner-like blow job. “Every time I do a scene, my fantasy is to be a well-known porn star.” She’s well on her way to that goal. Luxury Amore keeps well rounded, and curvy, in her chill time. “I like to watch track and field contests and basketball. I’m a Lakers fan. Go Kobe. I used to run track in high school. I read a lot too. My hobby is collecting erotic books. I like to go bowling and go to the shooting range. I’m not the sit at home type.” Luxury gets off watching porn, especially girl-on-girl porn. She’ll dildo her pussy watching something …Click for more Big Tits!

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Cassidi Jai – Fear of Hooter Self-suffocation

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

“I just can’t sleep in a bra because they push my tits to my throat and face and I will probably smother myself while I sleep,” Cassidi Jai tells us. Great boobs in the morning! Don’t let that happen, Cassidi Jai! “So, I remove my bra so I don’t die in my sleep, cause they are too heavy. And in the morning I cocoa butter them because they are still growing and I’m trying to minimize the stretch marks I get. I will date a guy and he will come over to, like, watch movies and I will automatically take my bra off on the couch and he’ll ask me why I’m doing that and it’s because I’m afraid to fall asleep on the couch and die.” She likes to dress to show off her girls because, hey, she’s young, full of energy and now’s the time. “If I am not wearing a shirt that shows cleavage, I will wear something fitted and very thin, so you can tell how big my tits ….. read more >>

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Camille Morgan – New York Titty Girl

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Camille Morgan is a sophisticated and busty babydoll in New York City who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. She’s been published in SCORE, Voluptuous and BootyLicious. Camille Morgan talked to Scoreland about her interests and activities. “My hobbies are reading, hiking, bike riding, taking pictures, gambling…I love casinos…shopping and watching sports. I love boxing, basketball and baseball. For fun, I like amusement parks, beaches, watching horror movies and old karate flicks, eating double-stuffed. ….. read more >>

Camille Morgan

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