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Luxury Amore: Luxurious

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Luxury Amore played a businessman’s afternoon playgirl in a SCORELAND video and was served a cream pie at SCOREVideos. She’s a feisty little 5′3″ number with G-sized bazookas and striking cheekbones that give her a cherubic, pixie-ish appearance. “I’m living out my fantasy,” says Luxury who can suck every drop of cum out of your nuts with a vacuum cleaner-like blow job. “Every time I do a scene, my fantasy is to be a well-known porn star.” She’s well on her way to that goal. Luxury Amore keeps well rounded, and curvy, in her chill time. “I like to watch track and field contests and basketball. I’m a Lakers fan. Go Kobe. I used to run track in high school. I read a lot too. My hobby is collecting erotic books. I like to go bowling and go to the shooting range. I’m not the sit at home type.” Luxury gets off watching porn, especially girl-on-girl porn. She’ll dildo her pussy watching something …Click for more Big Tits!

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Maserati: Sticky Slick Chick

Monday, December 12th, 2011

A bare background, a chair, a bottle of oil, a few bikinis and Maserati. All you need. Models really pop against a seamless background, allowing you to inspect their bods without distractions, and when Maserati oils up and pops, look out! From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she’s the epitome of voluptuosity and stackitude. “Maserati is an incredible looking woman,” comments Jimbo. “She has a pretty face, a amazingly shapely body and unbelievable tits to top it all off.” Agreed, Jimbo. It’s hard to believe that Maserati only learned to masturbate over a year ago when a friend bought her a vibrator. And like we mentioned last time, it seems hard to believe, although we believe her, that she’s turned on by guys who play hard to get or even ignore her. Who would not be riveted to every square inch of Maserati if he was within 20 feet of her? She’s an erection magnet. There’s one more thing we have to say about Maserati. We’ve read her model sheet and she has truly excellent cursive penmanship. It’s beautiful to look at. This is the first time we’ve ever paid hard attention to a model’s handwriting. We’d bet that Maserati’s male English teachers loved her.….. read more >>

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Brittany O’Neil – Spectacular In Swimsuits

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

When guys talk about Brittany O’Neil, her distinctive tan-lines always come up in the conversation. Tan-lines are a turn-on for many. “I spend a little bit of time in the sun,” explained Brittany O’Neil. “I try to do it in moderation. And a little bit of spray tan. That way, I don’t overdo the sun. I don’t have them on my butt, but I have little tan lines where the G-string is at. I’m just being myself, but it’s great that they like them. I would probably have the tan lines regardless of whether they liked them or not, because I have to live with me every day, and my happiness is what’s important so I can deal with everything else.” When she tans at home, do neighbors go nuts? “Nobody ever says anything so they must not mind! They never complain! They never say, ‘Hey, we can see part of your boobs. Put your top on!’ or ‘Your pussy’s showing.’” Brittany O’Neil says. “Sometimes if I’m lying a certain way or if the G-string moves, you can see it down there. Sometimes my bikini will open up on its own. Sometimes I’ll look down and I can see down there and I’m like, ‘Ooops.’”

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Terri Jane – Tittilicious Terri

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

“I get guys who come up to me all the time and say things like, ‘Take your boobs out,’” says Terri Jane, one of the bustiest of the more recent arrivals who bring joy to your life. Like Dors Feline, Terri Jane puts the great in Great Britain. “They are not scared. They tell me that I am so amazing, that they love my curves. Because I always wear things that show off my curves. I never wear anything baggy. I have had girls come up to me in the bathroom, asking me if they are real or if they are fake. Girls come up to me all the time, feeling my boobs. I can’t stop them! They just walk up to me and grab them! But I don’t like it when people are rude to me and they come up to me and say things like, ‘Can I see your boobs?’ because I am, like, ‘No, I don’t know you!’ But if a guy is sweet and he compliments me on something like my eyes, then I will fall for it.” What is the first thing a guy asks Terri Jane to do if he is lucky enough to see her tits for the first time? “First they ask me to get them out and then they want me to bounce them up and down. Then they like me to get on top of them and drop my breasts on their face and jiggle them around a bit. Men like jiggling and bouncing boobs.” That’s why we’re here, Terri Jane!

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Dolly Delight Duz Montego Bay

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Despite a sex survey that claimed that Bristol, England allegedly has the smallest-breasted residents in the United Kingdom, it seemed only right that Dolly Delight lives in Bristol, England. After all, “bristols” is Cockney slang for big tits. Bristol is also home to SCORE babe Cathy Barry, another stacked showgirl. Dolly Delight joined the SCORE team in the Caribbean where she proved to be as delightful as her name and as sexy as the scenery. “When I was younger, I thought about having big boobs all the time,” Dolly Delight told us. “I actually have photographs of me putting balloons down my top and prancing about. I have pictures of me doing that, and I’m wearing a shirt that says, ‘Here comes big trouble,’ so it must have been from a young age that I was into them. I don’t know. And now I have them, so I guess you could say I’m living a dream. They measure thirty-four J or 32 double-J, depending on the bra I wear.” And now Dolly Delight truly is a living doll. Dolly Delight’s role models and inspirations include Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera and, of course, Barbie. “I love the super-Barbie look when a girl is really thin and has really big boobs. I mean, some people say that the Barbie look is an impossible ideal, but I think I’m proof. I love the super glamour look, and I just think when you feel big boobs, really get your hands on them, it’s really hot. I just love playing with big boobs, mine and other girls’. I’m a bit of a blonde girly and I don’t know much about sports. I like singing, chatting, shopping and being pampered at the spa.” Her “dream car” would be a pink Audi TT convertible. Suitable for Jayne Mansfield or Mamie Van Doren. Besides modeling, Dolly Delight is also a singer and travels with a band. Britain’s got talent. Absolutely!

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Elaina Gregory – Boobs To The Nth Power

Monday, May 16th, 2011

If you pondered whether the sight of N-cup Elaina Gregory has ever caused a traffic accident, a question we’ve asked other models many times, her answer is “I was 14 and doing a car wash for a non-profit organization and I was in a bikini top and little shorts and holding up a sign, flagging down cars and this guy wasn’t watching where he was going and he totaled his car.” So not just a fender bender, but a total. And she was an E-cup at that time. Elaina Gregory has since become more cautious in controlling her amazing powers. Her tits weigh a total of 22 pounds and stick out a jaw-dropping 14 inches from her chest. Fortunately for all of us, Elaina Gregory loves her boobs. “I like my tits. A lot of people with big boobs are like, ‘Ugh, I hate them. They are too big. They give me back problems. And neck problems.’ But not me. I don’t know. I love them. I think it might be because I used to hate them a lot…” Elaina Gregory said that because she used to be a victim of big-boob prejudice in school, like so many other V-Girls, but she overcame the haters. We salute her!

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