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Cat Bangles – Chat With The Cat

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Chat With The Cat

Chat With The Cat

Cat Bangles tells all. Interests. Hobbies. Her sex secrets. What makes her purr. Where she wants to take herself in the world of big-bust modeling.

About Cat's first hardcore scene at SCORELAND:

"His cock was huge. I kept saying how he was so big. But I took it all down my throat. He loved it, of course. He said it was awesome and that my pussy was nice and tight. Nice and tight like a little star. It was a great scene. He couldn't control himself. He had to stop to keep himself from coming. He tapped out three times, actually. I've heard that he's never met his match and that he's been having sex with girls on-camera for a long time. Apparently, a lot of girls can't handle him. He couldn't handle me with my tight pussy, wet mouth and these 36DDD tits."

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Micky Bells – The Micky Chat

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

The Micky Chat

The Micky Chat

"Maybe you remember how I was before, but in the meantime, I lost some weight, and now I look like this," said Micky Bells, who has shed 24 pounds. "But don't worry. My boobs are still big, as you can see."

Micky explains all in this video chat. How did she slim down so radically yet still remain so busty? When a girl with big boobs loses weight, their tits are often the first thing to shrink.

"Diet and exercise," Micky reveals. "I have always had big boobs. I was a D-cup when I was 14, then I was a double-D, and in high school I was an E-cup."

Super-slim and stacked. The new Micky Bells!

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Noelle Easton – "My Boobs Are Bigger"

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

"My Boobs Are Bigger"

"I'm definitely a tit girl," says Noelle Easton. "I love boobies. I love all boobies. Boobies are fun." Noelle says she's gained a cup size to 34G, up from triple-D and up from double-D before that.

"I was a D until about 10th grade. I was a double-D for a while, and then I moved up to triple-D, otherwise known as F. Now I'm a G."

Do big boobs run in Noelle's family? "My sister has big tits, but our mom doesn't."

Noelle loves big-boobed girls herself. She's a fan too. "Usually it's hard to find big, natural boobs, so if they have small boobs but they have a big ass, I'm like, 'Come over here!'"

See Noelle in a fresh SCORELAND hardcore scene on April 25, '14.

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Natalie Fiore – Natalie’s Revelation

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Natalie's Revelation

Natalie's Revelation

Natalie admits in this interview that she can't do a lot of the things she used to do. She knows her body and her big boobs are going through huge changes and she knows she will have to adjust to it and deal with her physical transformation as best she can.

It's great that she's sharing it with and its members. Natalie could have kept herself under wraps during her pregnancy. Dropped out of sight. She didn't. "But I'm happy," says Natalie. "I'm the happiest future-mother ever."

Natalie even thinks that her boobs will get bigger in the months ahead and she hopes she will be able to travel to pose again. So there may be no need to imagine how bra-busting she will be in three months. She thinks she may be lactating soon. "I know a lot of you guys will be the happiest on earth to see me lactating, to see my milk coming out of my tits and it will be a big surprise for me too."

Natalie talks about her raging sex drive and how much more horny she is now, watching sex videos, feeling her tits and her bump grow bigger and bigger with each passing day and hoping you follow her every step of the way.

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Jennica Lynn – Meet Jennica Lynn

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Meet Jennica Lynn

Meet Jennica Lynn

Meet an incredible big-bust discovery making her first appearance not only at XLGirls but at any photo studio. A charmer from the word go, Jennica Lynn is Swedish and lives in the United Kingdom. This introductory interview with two TSG editors is only the beginning for Jennica at XLGirls.

Jennica moved to the UK to study and work and decided to make England her home. She's worked in retail shops and hotels and when Jennica checked out the world of web-cams for extra opportunites, she decided to give it a try. With her assets, she would certainly attract attention. And she did. From us especially.

Watch Jennica as she tells the world all about herself and shows her magnificent anatomy. Her boobs will floor you and her personality will hypnotize you. Jennica is also coming to SCORELAND soon! Prepare to fall in love!

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Sofia Rose – Sofia’s Interview

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Sofia's Interview

Sofia's Interview

The curvaceous and sexy Sofia Rose sits with TSG's studio manager to discuss her background, her bra buying habits, what led her to modeling and why she decided to try hardcore scenes after years of solo posing. Sofia is the proud owner of a pair of the best tits we've ever seen and we've seen a lot of tits.

How does Sofia feel about sex on-camera? Does she like female sex partners?

Sofia also talks about a special, somewhat unusual, fetish her partner practices on her (although not all that unusual in some corners of the plumper world).

After wrapping up her chat, Sofia treats us to a bellydance, the T&A way.

See More of Sofia Rose at XLGIRLS.COM!

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