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Video: Mianna Thomas – Breast Stroking

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Mianna’s bikini must be made out of some alien superfabric. It’s some kind of miracle that the weight of her 34JJ head-crushing hooters don’t reduce her bikini top to tatters. She struts outside to meet her date waiting in the pool and she has every right to proudly strut because her rack is the stuff of Voluptuous wet-dreams. She has the biggest natural tits we’ve ever seen at SCORE. “I love my tits,” says Mianna Thomas. “I’m very proud of them. The thing about having them is all the attention.” And attention is what she gets when she’s walking somewhere in crowded Las Vegas. Mianna Thomas needs her boobs carefully manhandled. After she has dropped her top and had them oiled, she and stuntcock retreat indoors to fuck their brains out. The Las Vegas college coed is a very sexual girl and her huge tits need and deserve a big cock-pumping.….. read more >>

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Video: The Mianna Thomas Interview

Monday, November 9th, 2009

It’s time again for another incisive and totally enjoyable SCORELAND video interview! Our subject in this chat session is actually somewhat overdue. Las Vegas’ Mianna Thomas has a pair of the biggest, firmest, heaviest whoppers ever enjoyed in SCORELAND. She talks about them and beams proudly while she does. You’ve got to love a girl who loves her huge tits and looks at them as assets, not liabilities like much of society does. Turn on this interview and get turned on by Mianna’s sexiness. And watch out ….. read more >>

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Mianna Thomas – It’s Raining Tit! Hallelujah!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Breast-men all over the world have gotten into Mianna Thomas since her Scoreland discovery. Mianna will be happy to know that she’s extremely popular with French SCORE Men. Apparently the old “toujours l’amour” is still popular in France: “No one could resist Mianna Thomas and certainly not the buttons of my fly. I’ve never seen such a body, such big tits and a face that calls for love.” “When I see the big tits of Mianna, getting out my big gun is the only solution.” “You imagine Mianna walking in the street ….. read more >>

Miann Thomas

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Mianna Thomas – Just Legal, Just Enormous!

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

“I love a guy who’s in great shape and has a sense of humor. He has to be intelligent and be able to carry on a conversation,” says Mianna Thomas, making her official Voluptuous magazine debut. The Internet is incredible but there is something about a girl’s magazine debut on newsstands in many countries that has more impact. Guys that don’t go on the web, and there are more than you might think, see her pictures. And there’s that sense of permanance. A magazine doesn’t require electricity to enjoy.

Mianna Thomas

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