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Jennica Lynn – School’s Out

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

School's Out

School's Out

Here's the girl you'd like to hold after class and hold as tight as possible. There's a lot of girl to hold onto! Jennica Lynn is the covergirl of February '14 and August '14 V-mag, the covergirl of March '14 XLGirls SP #262, the covergirl of the DVD Full Figured Foxes 3, one of the four awesome covergirls of the DVD XLGirls On Location and one of three covergirls of September '14 XLGirls SP #269. And there is a "Splat Mat" novelty item of Jennica. The face and bod that launched a thousand-plus boners and she's damned proud of it!

"I'd have been a cheerleader in school if we had those in Sweden," said Jennica. No cheerleaders in Sweden? And we thought this was a progressive country in the forefront of every advancement.

Now, was Jennica a good girl in school back home? Here she's being very good! "I was a little bit of both. I was mostly good, though. I always went to school. I was a good girl with the studies. I did like to tease the boys and I still do, like here, dressed as a coed."

"I moved to the UK when I was 22. I thought it would be a fun experience. I went there as part of a work experience course. So I was supposed to work and study at the same time for a few weeks. I was studying English, learning how to speak the language properly. I didn't need to attend those classes too much."

That's true. Jennica's diction is perfect. We wonder if she did that work-study program in clothes like this. We'd give Jennica Lynn a straight A no matter what!

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Kelli Maxx – Girls Day Out

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out

XLGirls doesn't do this often. The timing was right. When Kelli Maxx and Alana Lace were both at SCORE on the same days, our photo team took the girls out to South Beach in Miami for a day of sun, shopping, beaching and lunching. They people-watched and the people watched back in one of South Florida's most popular tourist attractions.

With their looks, big boobs and bouncy personalities, they attracted a lot of attention. Kelli is from Boston and Alana is a Floridian. The girls hit it off really well. On the way back in the SCORE-mobile, the girls played with their tits and pussies side-by-side. It was more fun than singing along with the radio.

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Roxanne Miller – Bikini Ecstasy

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Bikini Ecstasy

Bikini Ecstasy

It is skimpy bikini time and our bikini babe today is Roxanne Miller. After Roxanne sheds her last bikini, the pool area becomes naked city in the water and out.

Seeing Roxanne put on and take off various styles of tiny swimsuits brought to mind TSG editor Dave Rosenbaum's comments about another XLGirls fave Dors Feline. Most of us rarely see girls built like Roxanne wearing microscopic bikinis at the beach or in public pools.

"I mentioned once that in the old days, men's magazines generally didn't put girls like Dors Feline in bikinis because they were too big and wouldn't wear one to the beach. I also mentioned that whenever we did put a girl like Dors in a bikini or monokini, the readers and website members always showed their appreciation for the model and extended their gratitude towards us."

How does a guy attract Roxanne's attention?

"Well, some just by being handsome. But when it's only handsome, I look, I drool and I go on. I am friendly with anyone, but mainly I am attracted by men with whom I can have a nice conversation and that have a sense of humor."

It's Miller time. Stay thirsty, friends.

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Noelle Easton – Tool Time Babe

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Tool Time Babe

Tool Time Babe

Noelle Easton knows her way around wood. She knows how to get a grip on big tools. She knows all about hammering, drilling and nailing despite her tender, young age. That's why Noelle Easton's the perfect Tool Time Girl for SCORELAND.

"Women get so mad at me for their husbands looking at me," Noelle reveals. "It's not my fault. I get dirty looks and girls saying stuff to me all the time, like saying to put my tits away and know...sorry!" You know what, Noelle? Screw 'em. But not that way. Who cares what they think?

Noelle is from Tennessee. We don't get many models from that state. Stephanie Stalls is from Memphis. Angel Gee used to live in Tennessee. If there are more like Noelle there, we want to know about them.

"I'm very country but I try to hide that a little bit on film. I don't want to sound like a redneck. I do a lot of country stuff like four-wheeling, mudding, dirt bikes, hiking, horses. Horseback riding, definitely. Mudding is when you get in a big truck all hyped up on huge wheels and you just go out into a field after it's rained. You can spin around and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Just stuff like that. You've got to find stuff to do when there's nothing to do."

Leave it to Noelle to find stuff to do when she's at SCORELAND.

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Cameron Skye – Game To Fuck

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Game To Fuck

Game To Fuck

This is an epic big tit fuck with one of the most-popular girls to score at SCORELAND, hot and sexy woman-next-door Cameron Skye! It's game day and Cameron should be eating sandwiches and drinking beer while she sits on the couch and roots for her team. Instead of watching the big game on TV, Cameron's being tackled in the living room and pinned to the couch by a hard sausage man.

It's always a treat to have Cameron visit because we know she enjoys being here so much. "Most people I know would be really surprised to see me here," says Cameron. "But that is part of the thrill of coming here. I get to put aside what I do in real life and live a fantasy. My hubby is going to love this. We'll watch it together." Cameron is a Voluptuous wifey. She's playing out her dreams and contributing to the wet dream storage bank for countless guys watching her get piledriven. She's already a walking wet dream poured into a tank top and tight shorts. The casual look fits her to a T.

Sideways, doggie, cowgirl, piledriver and more. Cameron gets fucked more ways than a quarterback with weak guards. For this main event, Cameron has not shaved her beautiful pussy. She's let it grow out and arrived with a furry patch of soft, golden-red hair that she called her "fire crotch." The fresh-faced blonde's eye-popping body is as gorgeous as ever, voluptuously curvy with an ass made to spank as she sucks and rides the cock.

There's no time to watch a game or eat with Cameron to play ball with.

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Jes Craven – Craven Her Sex

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Craven Her Sex

Craven Her Sex

"Getting oral from me is definitely special," says Jes Craven, who is stating fact, not boasting. "I have a split tongue. I swallow cum after a blow job. Spitters are quitters." Jes will be getting a big load of cum for her to swallow after Tony pumps her pussy in her second boy-girl at

Jes Craven's favorite fuck positions are cowgirl and missionary with her legs on her partner's shoulders. She enjoys full-body massages as foreplay followed by mutual licking and sucking.

"I'm assertive and passive. I can be both. I'm actually pretty shy in real life." Jes is not shy at all when a guy is in hot pursuit as Tony is today. And she enjoys fucking with the cameras rolling. Maybe it brings out the total sexhibitionist in this blonde from New York by way of Portland, Oregon. Jes says she doesn't get enough sex. Considering her looks, that's hard to believe.

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