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Rose Valentina: The White Bits

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Rose Valentina (My Big Plump Wedding) has great tan lines, and tan lines on a busty babe are a powerful aphrodisiac for those who love ‘em. The white portion of the breasts that is created from the swimsuit is a sexy contrast to the tawny, sunkissed skin surrounding it. The same goes for the ass cheeks and pussy triangle. Rose Valentina still goes to the beach a lot. “I live at the beach,” says Fort Lauderdale, Florida girl Rose Valentina. “I’m there every Sunday tanning and swimming and hanging out.” Does Rose Valentina wear skimpy bikinis? “Everything is little on me. Even if I get a large it’s still little. But I’m good as long as it’s covering what it needs to cover, depending on what beach I’m at. People usually just stare or they’ll whisper and point. But I don’t mind it. I’m confident and I like my body so when people look it doesn’t bother me. Guys, even girls will be staring. And I’ll just wave or smile and be like, ‘Yeah, they’re real.’ I’ve had big boobs forever so I’m used to the attention!”

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Dors Feline – Tropical Temptations

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Dors Feline enjoys an afternoon at the beach on the lush island of the Dominican Republic. Dors looks incredible modeling her skimpy mono-kini. This suit suits Dors Feline. A man could just eat her up. There isn’t a soul around to bother Dors and our camera operator. What does Dors Feline enjoy doing back home in England? “I like reading,” says Dors. “I love biographies. I like my shopping. Clothes. Shoes. Handbags.” And swimsuits too, it seems. Ask and she will tell you what she has in her closet. “100 handbags and 20 bras.” A football fan, Dors Feline is a huge fan of the Spurs (the Tottenham Hotspurs). Football is okay. But not good enough. Our dream is a football team made up of all girls who look like Dors, running and jumping. Who needs Beckham? ….. read more >>


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Monique L’Amour – Monique Gets Wet

Friday, June 10th, 2011

The full-length photos of Monique L’Amour wearing her pink swimsuit is enough to bring tears of joy to a grown man’s eyes. Monique L’Amoursheds her sexy outfit to go bare and after some nice spread-pink poses, parting her cunt lips with her dainty fingers and sticking her yummy ass into the camera, Monique L’Amour whips out the Doc Johnson vibrating rubber cock to fill herself up and wish she had a man to stud her into ecstasy. Good thing that pool is right there so she can dip in and turn the water into steam with her overheated body. Monique L’Amour has brought her sweet stuff to the great XLGirls DVDs Double-Stuffed Plumpers, Cream My Tits, Sleeping Sluts and Knockin’ Nipples in a pussy-to-pussy encounter with none other than Sunshine. Her performances in all of them have been breastnotizing.

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Bessi – Oils Well

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Bessi. The big, strapping Czech. She always looks so happy and that makes a guy feel good. “I never noticed before just how really cute Bessi is,” emailed T.W “How could I have missed that? Never again.” And J.D. comments that “Bessi is a favorite of mine who may be too big for some guys but not for me. I love those rolls. I’d like to butter them for breakfast but I can’t afford a plane ticket to Prague. She looks great to me whether she is alone or in a sex scene.” Bessi hit the seamless for this oily body show. Seamless is always popular because there’s nothing in the background that can distract from the model, like furniture or plants. If you want to know why the cost of oil is getting so high, blame Bessi. She loves soaking in it. The drawback is that you can slide right off her. Still, who would turn down a chance to wrestle her?

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Renee Ross – Eat At Renee’s

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Here it is. The great fantasy. To enter a restaurant near closing time and discover that Renee Ross, THE Renee Ross, is your waitress. And what Renee Ross plans to serve up goes beyond hot cakes and pie! Only at XL Girls Land does a diner like this exist. These dudes are getting a worms-eye view of what’s for late night snacking and Renee is at the top of the menu. Renee Ross doesn’t work for tips. She wants every inch of the shaft. Food takes a back seat as Renee Ross takes their order. That’s what they call service with a smile! What about Renee? Does she have any fantasies of her own that are special to her? “I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of fantasies,” Renee Ross revealed. “I just like to cum a lot! I think I must masturbate two to three times a day.” Now if Renee Ross was really a waitress, that would mean a lot of sneaking into the ladies room for fast relief! The customers’ orders would start backing up. But no one would mind if they could watch!  Click for more >>

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Mandy Mason – Every Inch A Delight

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Some models are very prolific and pose many times over the years before they move on to other things. Others pose only a handful of times. That’s the story with Mandy Mason. But what she’s done has been very memorable. As she said, she posed as a lark–just to try it and see how she would feel–and for the experience. For most girls, modeling is only a fantasy, something they will never do, ofen because of social, business or family constraints. Or they’re just plain chicken. Mandy Mason made it happen by contacting us. And now that she’s back working in an everyday job and enjoying her weekends, she can look back and realize that she made XL Men a little happier and made this world a better place to live in by contributing her lovely T&A for our entertainment pleasure. ….. read more >>

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