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Samantha – Samantha38G

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014



Samantha38G's first appearance in V-mag was the Holiday 2001 issue. Since then Samantha's been in 25 TSG magazines and nine DVDs including two feature films based around Samantha, My Big Plump Wedding and K-JUGS.

"I always knew I could be a star, that I had that thing, you know," Samantha told one of our editors in 2007. "When you get into modeling, you're open about your sexuality and you're open with yourself, and that's the great part about it. But you know how judgmental a lot of the world can be and how guys like to separate girls into two distinct areas: your Gingers or your Mary Anns, the girls you want to fuck and the girls you want to marry. I'm a Mary Ann at heart, but I'm usually perceived as a Ginger because my sexuality is all most people know about me."

This Jackumentary includes several hardcore highlights, early solos, behind-the-scenes footage and an appearance on a holiday edition of SCOREtv.
Everyone should be confident in their own sexuality," advises Samantha. "I have always been confident."

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Samantha – Analholic: Best Anal of XL

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Analholic: Best Anal of XL

Analholic: Best Anal of XL

Analholics are hypersexed babes who do it all and get their cookies off from a big cock up the butt. This scene, Analholic: Best Anal of XL, checks out five smokin' XLGirls who enjoy it hard and long between their plump cheeks: Bailey Santana, Kendra Grace, Daniella Grey, Cassidi Jai and Samantha. "I wanted XLGirls to get my first anal cherry-popping," said Kendra. "As I get older, there's more I want to try."

"I gave you guys my anal cherry!" Cassidi also said. "It felt good and I was just cumming over and over. I can cum hard from anal, yes, but it's a process. I have to be in doggie-style and we have to be having some hard, deep, fast sex. I can't have it be slow. It has to be nice and fast and really hard! Because all of my holes are really tight. I just need to get wet and hot and then we are good to go."

The world's greatest girlfriend Bailey Santanna spreads her ass wide open for a giant black dick. Daniella Grey (Big Girl Strip Club) only modeled for a very short time. She sexed up big time at XLGirls and then went back home. Daniella said she didn't get a lot of sex in her everyday life which is pretty shocking for a girl with her looks and body. And Samantha, of course, is a role model for career longevity yet goes her own way. "I never watch porn. I don't want to be influenced by anyone else's performances. When you go to a strip club, all the girls dance alike because they all watch each other and pick up each other's moves. If I watched porn, I might pick up on other people's moves, and I don't want to do that."

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Samantha – Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Live On-Air Sex with Jade Parker at Radio K-JUGS

Samantha, top DJ at radio station K-JUGS, has a special guest in her studio. Take it away, Samantha.

"And now you horny boys, get your cocks greased up because my next sexy guest is gonna make you rub out a load or two. Meet Jade Parker. She's here to push her latest book, Big Girls Rule In Bed."

Jade is a sexy, pretty redhead with lots of oomph who joyfully treasures her huge chest.

"My book Big Girls Rule In Bed tells big girls to stand tall, stick their chests out and go for as much sex as they can get. I also teach this in my seminar. I'm wrapping up my tour of six cities that lets big women know that they're the best at sex. No skinny wannabe fashionistas can touch a big girl when it comes to cock worship. It's time the whole world understood this."

To demonstrate her skills and powers, Jade targets the maintenance man Carlos. Samantha says to him, "I want you to meet Jade Parker. You're going to help her prove her theories." While Jade goes down on him, Samantha provides her listeners with the blow-by-blows.

"This is why K-JUGS is the best radio station in this city," Samantha tells her audience. "Jade Parker, author of Big Girls Rule In Bed, is sucking the sap out of our tool man. Licking his balls and tonguing that swollen shaft. She'll be tit-fucking the cum out of his swollen shaft!"

And that's why K-JUGS is the number-one radio station in North America!

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