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Rose Valentina: The White Bits

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Rose Valentina (My Big Plump Wedding) has great tan lines, and tan lines on a busty babe are a powerful aphrodisiac for those who love ‘em. The white portion of the breasts that is created from the swimsuit is a sexy contrast to the tawny, sunkissed skin surrounding it. The same goes for the ass cheeks and pussy triangle. Rose Valentina still goes to the beach a lot. “I live at the beach,” says Fort Lauderdale, Florida girl Rose Valentina. “I’m there every Sunday tanning and swimming and hanging out.” Does Rose Valentina wear skimpy bikinis? “Everything is little on me. Even if I get a large it’s still little. But I’m good as long as it’s covering what it needs to cover, depending on what beach I’m at. People usually just stare or they’ll whisper and point. But I don’t mind it. I’m confident and I like my body so when people look it doesn’t bother me. Guys, even girls will be staring. And I’ll just wave or smile and be like, ‘Yeah, they’re real.’ I’ve had big boobs forever so I’m used to the attention!”

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Rikki Waters: Handle With Fireproof Gloves!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

When Rikki Waters walks into a place, she fills the room with her T&A power. It’s not the first time at XLGirls that she’s lit up our breast-obsessed lives. In her tight, scooped, cleavage-forming blouse and tight jeans, Rikki Waters aims to inspire a testosterone flood. What nice, big tits Rikki Waters has. What has she found at the XLGirls studio set as she peels off her tight clothing? A bowl of fruit? And what’s that blue thing nestled among the grapes and the pears? Unless they can make blue bananas, it looks like a Doc Johnson special and it will be sliding into Rikki Waters’s wet snatch hole before this photo sequence wraps up! The self-described “Internet nerd” has an interest she calls a weird fetish. “I am attracted to the hairline on the back of a man’s head. So sexy!” What else can she add about herself. There’s a lot. “I hate bras. But I wear them when I have to.” She wants to own a store for plus-size women one day. She likes it when someone makes her laugh. She says she is “extremely kinky and some men are intrigued by that and others are scared by it. And Rikki Waters is not a sports fan but she likes to wrestle. What’s her specialty? The motorboat hold?….. read more >>

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Michelle May – Am I Stacked

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Why did Michelle May originally contact The SCORE Group at in 2010? ‘I did it to pay for school and I kind of smile at the idea of some guy beating himself senseless to me,’ Miss May answered. Noble reasons. She’s not the first girl to say that. Modeling pays the tuition for many notable alumni here. Michelle May briefly stopped modeling for XLGirls and V-mag for a while, within a year of starting. We remember the chilling news when she contacted us. Michelle’s ‘retirement’ (if you will) was actually announced in June 2010 Voluptuous magazine when she won second runner-up in the Newcomer of the Year contest. She seemed confirmed about it… Click here for more!

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Taylor Steele – Bodacious Beach

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

A beach is nothing but a pile of sand along the ocean, Useless. But add a hottie with boobs to worship and adore, add Taylor Steele, fantasy dream girl of many, and now you’ve got something valuable! Says Taylor Steele: “My sexual fantasies are to just have sex everywhere. Outside, in parks, on boats, in public. I love the idea of getting caught.” What part of a guy’s body does Taylor Steele look at first when she meets someone? “His eyes. Because that’s what I’ll be gazing into when he’s on top of me!” Good answer! Any girl who calls a car a shaggin’ wagon is A-1 in our book!  Click for more >>

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Elaina Gregory – Knockout Knockers

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Elaina Gregory. In one word: awesome. In two words: awesome awesome. Her 34N (Yeah! 34N!) tits are works of art. Better than works of art. And like works of art, they were meant to be enjoyed by big-breast lovers. Fortunately, Elaina Gregory shares this opinion. She’s appeared in two Blog videos chatting with Maria, a video on SCOREvideos, and two posts on XLGirls. This intro pictorial for SCORELAND shows that her boobs are made for oiling and her boots for walkin’. How did we find her? Or did she find us? Like new SCORE model Kelly Christiansen, her husband is a reader. “He is still a subscriber… Click for more.

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Angellyne Hart – New Discovery

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Angellyne Hart from Prague makes her first-time appearance, discovered by one of our European SCORE staffers. She even toys herself right from the start. A university student, she likes going to the movies, soccer, literature, music and traveling. Angellyne Hart thinks she may have the biggest tits out of all of her friends. Since this is the Czech Republic, that’s saying a lot. “I was reading that breast reduction surgery is very popular in America,” Angellyne Hart writes. “A few times people have asked me if I had thought about it. Here in Prague alone there are many such clinics. But don’t worry, I have no intention of doing something so awful.” Well, that’s happy news. “I am looking for a man who doesn’t care about thin fashion models. I want a man who enjoys a vigorous, strong ….. read more >>

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