Valentina Monroe – Meet Valentina

Meet Valentina

Meet Valentina

"A guy once came over to meet me and said that my boobs were the eighth wonder of the world," Valentina Monroe said when she was chatting in the dressing room at SCORE. This is her first time here. She's done some bikini modeling for catalogs in the past but this is her first time modeling nude. Wow! What a body!

Look at those sexy tan-lines. If you're a tan fan, Valentina's 43 inches have those sexy white parts surrounded by the darker, tanned skin, the better to zero in on her nipples. Valentina enjoys sunning and keeps her body bikini-ready by working-out every day, at the gym or at home.

"I get a lot of attention because of my breasts. I feel good about them. I think I'm treated better because of them. I get served faster. I've had more opportunities. People don't forget me. Especially guys."

Valentina thought a long time about modeling at SCORE before she decided to try it. She dropped by the SCORE building and was given the guided tour. She kept in touch after that but she wasn't sure if she should pose. It took Valentina a few months to finally say yes after we first popped the question.

"I have to wear a bra," said Valentina. "They weigh so much!" That's exactly what we hoped she would say.

We hope to see Valentina again one day without too long a wait. In our studio. Naked as nature intended.

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