Vanessa Y. – Big Boobs In Lingerie

Big Boobs In Lingerie

Big Boobs In Lingerie

Our cameraman sneaks up on Vanessa as she tries on some bras. She asks him what he thinks of the grey bra she's just put on. Vanessa thinks it's too small and doesn't look satisfied with it even though from our perspective, it gives her massive cleavage mounds. The Polish charmer gives the bra the jiggle test. Vanessa's tits wobble and bobble, something that a breast-man can look at all day. It's enough to drive a tit-lover out of his mind.

It's not a question of "If the bra fits, wear it." Vanessa wants her big boobs to feel comfortable so she tries on a purple bra and slips on the matching panties, by request. Vanessa has her eyes on several other pairs she wants to sample. Which one will Vanessa decide on?

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