Veronika – Center Piece Of Ass

Center Piece Of Ass

Center Piece Of Ass

If there's one centerpiece that can brighten up any dining room table for any occasion, it would have to be Veronika, spread-out and ready for serving. She certainly brings a touch of ass to whatever table she gets comfy on. A spritz of whipped cream over her enormous jugs is simply extra icing on her cleavage cakes.

When we say that Veronika loves wood, we don't mean this oak table. She first came (literally) our way in 2005 when she decided she wanted to be a porno star. Since then, Veronika has periodically dropped out of sight for a few years at a time but then always comes back, eager to get fucked again on-camera and await seeing the finished result on video, on-line and in print.

"I always look at the pictures to see how I appear," Veronika said. "If I am opening my pussy the right way or if I'm holding my tits so they look their best. What positions look best for me with a man's cock in my mouth, or between my boobs or fucking my pussy. I always get excited when I look at what I have done. One day I want to model with other girls. I would like to meet some other girls I have seen in SCORE and Voluptuous and make some videos together."

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