Victoria Lane – Dugs In Detention

Dugs In Detention

Dugs In Detention

And now another look at a lady who should need no introduction but protocol demands one. One of the most-popular V-Girls in SCORELAND. A girl who cannot be restrained by a mere metal fence. Victoria Lane always inspires emails, letters and comments. Born in Kansas, living in Virginia, ex-cheerleader Victoria lives the quiet and productive life as a compassionate nurse concealing her mad curves in baggy scrubs and tending to her patients. She enjoys reading, watching movies and shopping when not working--a down-to-earth life. Except here she was able to cut loose and explore her buck-naked role-play fantasies like teacher, maid, sailor and this scenario in which she plays the bust-out of jail card in some over-the-top detention center where the detainees wear hot outfits. The mesh body suit Victoria wears could inspire a train derailment. "At home I wear tight sweaters over a bra and jeans. Inside the house, I'm naked." Who would not want to be the mailman in Victoria's neighborhood?

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